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Dale & Bertie

January 2016 was unfortunately a time that we all as dog lovers have to face. And for me losing my best buddy Oscar was more than difficult he was and still is my own rock. And we all miss him terribly. After some heartache we decided to follow the route of adoption so we found Bertie a little French bulldog who looked like he'd fill our broken hearts. Once we finally had him here in the U.K. (long story) we found that we'd inherited a dog with massive problems more than had been disclosed. This is where I came into contact with Michelle Holland and she talked us through some of the issues with Bertie who had been traumatised by children kicking him, Michelle's calm approach and knowledge about how to deal with Bertie's little explosive reactions were invaluable and helped calm down our fears and in turn helped calm Bertie. Although Michelle lives over two hundred miles from our home she was always available to chat with or message with lots of advice on whatever situation we came across. Bertie needed some special treatment and hands on professional help in the end and Michelle was integral in finding Bertie the help he needed. I'm happy to say that together with ourselves and Michelle's knowledge and friends who helped, Bertie is living a better life in a home that understands his needs. We will be forever grateful. Dale

Chris, David & Bo

Michelle has done it again.  Not only have we now got some techniques to distract Bo from all the things that frustrate him, he's also started playing for the first time since we brought him to his forever home. Can't thank you enough Michelle - Bo is responding to everything and seems so content that he's finally discovering how to be a happy little boy.  You're changing his life - and ours.  You are so generous with your advice and so patient with us - thank you :) I will be recommending you to everyone I meet!

Lucie, Zoe & Dolly,Ela

Michelle had an immediate calming effect on our dogs. She was really nice and went out her way to stay and chat and offer advice. We have noticed a change in our dog’s behaviour after implementing the things Michelle advised us to do. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Michelle to others who need help with their dogs.

Carol & Suki

Having just acquired Suki, a rescue dog from Portugal, we were having a few problems, the main one being her extreme anxiety, when either of us went out. Michelle came and accessed the situation, giving us various tips on methods to overcome the problem. Actually Suki is now a lot less stressed, probably because she knows how to handle us!!

Laura & Pablo

We contacted Michelle for help and advice with our new puppy. She offered us such a warm and kind approach with practical ways to help train and communicate with our dog. It was clear from the moment she entered our home that our dog really responded well to her relaxed manner. What impressed me the most was that she tailored her advice based on getting to know our dog and how he behaved. To me, her visit was invaluable and most definitely helped us to understand and cope with our dog's personality in an effective way.  Laura and Pablo

Kathryn & Woody

Michelle is a proper dog whisperer! We needed her help with our little Greek rescue puppy Woody and she was wonderful. Full of brilliant advice, very kind and she has been and continues to be a great help. 

Dorothy & Theo

Hi Michelle, thank for your help and advice with Theo. We are both happier and calmer now with your guidance.. I feel much better for having a training system in place. Positive reward training and I don't get stressed as I'm not focusing on what he isn't doing yet, but focusing on the good behaviour. It really brings great results. Thanks again, Dorothy

Chris, David & Bo

Two years ago we gave a forever home to our beautiful dog Bo. Bo had been abandoned and had had to fend for himself  so you can imagine that he came with a unique set of insecurities and behaviours.
Soon after he arrived with us and was beginning to feel settled, he became very “barky” with new people and very protective of his two Daddies. I really had no clue what to do and then along came Michelle.
Michelle has a unique calming personality mixed with an underlying mastery of animal behaviour. She puts the needs of your doggy best friend first and she gave loads of great, practical advice and we even had a practice with some of the techniques so she could give me feedback and further advice. Within minutes there were signs of improvement and she left us with more practice techniques to support Bo on his new journey.
We really can’t thank Michelle enough for the difference she made. Bo is now a much more confident and sociable little boy. He still has a little way to go, but now that he has Michelle on his side, the sky is the limit for him.

Thanks Michelle!

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