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Helping Paws was founded by Karen Lippitt.  I met Karen in 2012 when I was attending an animal healing group with Jasper, our first rescue who had severe fear aggression.  I have been heavily involved with Helping Paws since and have a very good friendship with Karen and the rest of the Helping Paws "Pawsters".  Helping Paws works really hard to help animals both home and abroad.  They do amazing work.

The ISCP (International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour is where I studied my Diploma.  The ISCP is considered one of the top 10 education providers. They educate students of canine behaviour in the most up to date methods and place a strong emphasis on positive dog training and rehabilitation.

Would YOU like an Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy and Affordable, Police Checked cleaner to clean your home?

Look no further, Time For You Brighton & Sussex Domestic Cleaning has been running for 15 years.  We introduce self-employed cleaners to clients wanting a weekly regular clean.  Typically £12 per hour.

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