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High Energy/Jumping Up/Over Excitement

Calm guidance will help your dog.  Your dog feeds off your energy and emotion.  I can teach you how to calm your dog.

Nervous/Destructive Behaviour

I will help you deal with this behaviour,  including mental stimulation and positive guidance.

Biting & Nipping

I will teach you how to stop this unwanted behaviour, no shouting needed just calm guidance is what your dog needs.

Aggression (Fear, Nervous, Dominant)

DO NOT WORRY, this can be resolved.  I have a lot of first hand experience with this as my first rescue dog Jasper had fear aggression himself.

Separation Anxiety

Contact me! I have again gone through this personally so have experience with this, my second rescue dog, Patsy had this.  With time and patience this can be resolved.


This can save your dog life!  Let me teach you how! 

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